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Shownotes is a robust, AI-driven tool that ingeniously transforms lengthy podcast content into manageable summaries. Using the technology of machine learning, Shownotes is an indelible bellwether in the podcasting industry — creating comprehensive short summaries, homing in on critical points, and offering insightful recommendations for future podcast episodes. It is an ardent information whisperer, capable of extracting granules of valuable insights from the expansive podcast landscapes. Through elaborate speaker segmentation features and trend analysis components, Shownotes presents an incomparable understanding of the podcast dialogues and recurring trends. In addition, the tool communicates with algorithms for a cohesive interaction with YouTube, proposing relevant shows and furnishing transcripts for new explorations. With a highly functional conduit like Shownotes, the arrangement and progression of any podcast episode are made accessible and easy to comprehend. Whether you're an avid podcast listener or an enthusiast wanting to streamline your listening routine, Shownotes indisputably bridges the gap between the inconsumable length and the salient essence of podcasts.




Example Prompts


"Can you find the transcript for the show 'The Daily'?"


"Search for podcasts named 'StartUp Podcast' on YouTube."


"Get the transcript for the YouTube video with the id '


"I need the transcript for 'How I Built This' podcast episode."


"Find YouTube videos related to 'The Joe Rogan Experience' podcast."


"Can you extract the transcript from this YouTube video? The id is 'Ks-_Mh


"Lookup for 'The Hidden Brain' podcast transcript."


"Search YouTube for 'Radiolab' podcast videos."


"I want the transcript for the YouTube video with this id 'Y


"Can you find the transcript for the 'Serial' podcast?"

Description for AI

This plugin can help a model accomplish these tasks:

Summary Generator: Compresses main ideas from a podcast transcript into a concise summary, giving users a quick understanding of the content.

Information Extractor: Finds and presents specific information from a podcast transcript according to the user's request, easing the discovery of pertinent topics or discussions.

Key Point Identifier: Evaluates a podcast transcript and formulates a list of key points or highlights, providing a rapid snapshot of the significant content.

Recommendation Mechanism: Communicates with the API to propose podcast episodes based on a user's topical interest, directing users towards appealing content.

Speaker Segmentation Function: Assuming the API supplies speaker labels, this function can sort and present content by specific speakers, assisting users in following individual inputs in the podcast.

Trend Analysis Component: Fetches and scrutinizes multiple podcast transcripts to spot shared themes or trends, yielding insights into recurring subjects across episodes.

Transcript Explorer: Delivers a general analysis or breakdown of a podcast transcript, enabling users to comprehend the arrangement and progression of the episode's content.

The plugin has 3 endpoints:

1 AudioController_findTranscript
Thiis endpoint returns transcript from the Shownotes app for the specified show.

2 SearchController_findVideos
Returns list of 3 candidate YouTube shows related to the specified show from Youtube. The videoid returned by this endpoint can be used in the CaptionController_findTranscript endpoint to get the transcript directly from Youtube.

3 CaptionController_findTranscript
Returns transcript of YouTube video using the specified videoid. This endpoint can be used if a videoid is specified either by the user directly or another endpoint needs it. If the full URL of a Youtube link is provided, only send the 11-character videoid to this endpoint.

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