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Introducing Short Video Trends, an innovative plugin that's revolutionizing the way content creators boost their social media strategy. This powerful tool harnesses the power of advanced algorithms to analyze thousands of posts in real time, offering users targeted insights to craft highly engaging posts. With customizable time frames ranging from 7 to 120 days, Short Video Trends provides users with keyword lists, popular examples, associated words, and hashtags that are catered to their chosen categories and geographical locations. The tool's capabilities don't stop there - in allowing users to input text, category, and country, its versatility is truly unmatched. Just be patient, as the response time can take up to 35 seconds due to the comprehensive analysis process - but believe us when we say it's worth the wait. If you're on the hunt for a tool that provides valuable information for optimizing short video content on social media, look no further than Short Video Trends.




Example Prompts


"What are the current trending keywords for short videos?"


"Give me the list of popular short video trends in the United States."


"I need a list of short video trends in the comedy category."


"What are the trending hashtags for short videos in the last


"Can you provide examples of usage for the keyword 'fitness' in short videos?"


"Show me the list of popular keywords for short videos in the last


"I want to see the trending short video keywords in the sports category in India."


"Provide the trending keywords and their performance statistics for short videos."


"I need detailed examples using the keyword 'cooking' in short videos."


"What are the similar keywords and popular hashtags related to 'travel' in short video trends?"


"Can you give me the short video trends in the fashion category from the UK?"


"Show me the performance statistics for the keyword 'DIY' in short video trends."


"Give me the list of trending keywords for short videos in the music category."


"What are the current trending short video keywords worldwide?"


"I need the trending short video keywords from the past

Description for AI

Use the short_video_trends plugin to find keywords and content for social media posts. The plugin provides keyword lists with advanced performance data and inspiration for chosen keywords through popular examples, associated keywords, and hashtags. Queries can cover the last 7, 30, or 120 days, with a default timeframe of 7 days if not specified. Lists have three additional input parameters: text, category, and country. None of these parameters are required, and the default is worldwide, all categories, and all keywords. Response time can go up to 35 seconds, because our algorythms gather and analyze the data of thousands of posts in real time. Make sure to explain the reason of the waiting time before using the plugin.

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