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Service Check is an invaluable asset for businesses and individuals seeking to measure the operational efficiency of their digital services. This tool, designed with an intuitive user interface, offers a suite of services that allows users to inspect the performance and reliability of various online platforms. With its CheckHttp feature, users can monitor the load time of their website's HTML page, offering valuable insights into website performance and user experience. The CheckSmtp function enables testing of helo messages to email servers, providing a snapshot of your email service's responsiveness. Service Check doesn't stop there; it also offers CheckDns, a feature that carries out a DNS lookup of the host address to ensure your website is easily locatable in the vast digital landscape. Lastly, the tool's CheckImcp feature allows users to ping the host address, testing the speed and reliability of your network connection. With Service Check, users are equipped with a comprehensive toolset to assess and optimize their online services.




Example Prompts


"Check if the website '' is using quantum-safe key encapsulation mechanisms."


"Can you check if the smtp server '' on port


"Can you check the response time and status of the website ''?"


"Please perform a dns lookup on the host address ''."


"Can you check the ping response time of the host '


"I want to know if the website '' is quantum-safe."


"Can you please check the response time of the website ''?"


"Perform a dns lookup for ''."


"Check the ping response time for the host '


"Please check if the smtp server '' on port

Description for AI

Check if services are running and how fast they are resonding . Services available are CheckHttp for website html page load time checking , CheckSmtp for testing a helo message to email servers, CheckDns for a dns lookup of the host address and CheckImcp to ping the host address.

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