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The Serpstat SEO Tool is an advanced digital marketing application that offers comprehensive SEO keyword research and in-depth backlink analysis. This tool is designed to gather the most relevant keywords for a specific topic, allowing users to enrich their online content and improve visibility. Simultaneously, it offers supreme domain SEO metrics and backlink data analyses which enables brands to understand their online reputation better. With Serpstat, users are empowered to monitor their backlink profile, perform competitive analysis and unearth valuable industry insights. Despite its intricate functionality, Serpstat maintains an intuitive interface, making it accessible for both his SEO experts and amateurs alike. All these assiduously coordinated features make Serpstat an indispensable tool in a digital marketer's arsenal, assisting to drive organic traffic to websites, effectively catering to a wide range of audience, be it businesses, freelancers or marketing agencies.




Example Prompts


Find related keywords for "running shoes" in the United States.


Show me the SEO metrics for the domain "" in Canada.


Can you provide the backlink profile for the website ""?


What are the related keywords for "dog food" in the UK?


I want to see the domain summary for "" in Australia.


Give me the link profile of the domain "".


Show me related keywords and their metrics for "digital marketing" in India.


Provide the SEO overview for "" in the United States.


Analyze the backlink data for the domain "".


Find related keywords for "yoga mats" in Germany.

Description for AI

A tool for SEO keyword gathering and domain SEO metrics/backlink analysis.

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