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SEO CORE AI, whose name is as straightforward as its function, is a cutting-edge tool that revamps the way we understand digital marketing. It is an AI-driven solution designed to analyze, compare, and enhance a website's SEO and content. The tool goes beyond the basic SEO analysis by providing a granular, data-oriented view of website performance against competitors and specific keywords. SEO CORE AI uses artificial intelligence to provide analytical insights, making it possible to understand how your website stacks up against the competition and which keywords are driving traffic. This high level of specificity enables businesses to strategically optimize their websites, making them more appealing to search engines and thus driving organic traffic. With SEO CORE AI, the future of digital marketing is here, and it's data-driven.




Example Prompts


Analyze the SEO and content of for the keyword "white label SEO"


Perform an SEO analysis on the URL with the keyword "online shopping"


Evaluate the content and SEO of the website using the keyword "digital marketing"


Assess the SEO performance of for the keyword "web design"


Analyze the content and SEO of with the keyword "mobile app development"

Description for AI

Get associated data for analyzing and comparing SEO and content from a web page by website, competition or keyword.

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