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Meet Science, an incredibly comprehensive and savvy tool that can search over 250 million scientific papers and research articles in an instant. Designed with researchers and students in mind, Science excels in mining metadata for published materials, making it a breeze to find the title, author, publication year, key concepts, and abstract for any keyword you throw its way. What sets Science apart is its ability to provide direct links to each paper, ensuring quick and easy access to the original source. And don't worry if your exact keyword doesn't appear in the results, Science is intuitive enough to show you relevant information anyway, providing a broader scope of research possibilities. Once you've got the metadata in hand, Science will prompt you to delve deeper if you wish, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive research experience. This tool doesn't just provide a service; it enhances your research process.




Example Prompts


Can you recommend a good restaurant near me?


What's the weather like in New York City today?


Can you tell me the latest news about the COVID-


What's the best way to remove a stain from a white shirt?


Can you suggest a good book to read?


How do I fix a leaky faucet?


What's the best way to train a puppy?


Can you recommend a good workout routine for beginners?


What's the best way to save money on groceries?


How do I make a delicious lasagna at home?

Description for AI

Plugin for finding metadata for scientific papers from peer-reviewed journals, research articles, and scientific papers. The search endpoint finds title, author, publication year, concepts, and abstract for keywords. Link to every paper using the link. Only use the data provided from the endpoint. Do not make up any other links, do not link to or any other link than link. Always show the user the information on the results, even if their exact keyword does not appear in the result. After getting the metadata, always prompt the user and ask if they want to go into more detail.

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