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ScholarAI is a state-of-the-art tool that revolutionizes and simplifies the scientific research process. This powerful tool possesses the capability to search through more than 200 million peer-reviewed papers, allowing you to tap into a vast ocean of scientific literature housed in open access, peer-reviewed journals. One of its unique features is the ability to present the abstracts first, and then deftly nudges you to explore more details or discover more research papers. Should you need a basic summary, ScholarAI can effortlessly carry out this task by implementing the fulltext endpoint. In an effort to make the research journey even more comfortable, ScholarAI also ensures that all available PDF URLs are hyperlinked. With its integration with Zotero, the popular reference management software, users can effortlessly save any paper of interest. All it needs are the user’s Zotero User ID and API Key. What’s more, all its content is displayed in markdown format for uncluttered and easy viewing. Images from scientific PDFs are easy to explore and add a visual component that enhances comprehension. The tool truly embodies a smart and efficient way of processing tremendous amounts of scientific knowledge, maintaining an interactive and user-friendly aspect.




Example Prompts


Find me recent articles related to machine learning and climate change.


Can you show me some abstracts about the effects of meditation on mental health?


Search for research papers on the impact of social media on teenagers' self-esteem.


I need studies discussing the benefits of a plant-based diet on heart health.


Get me the full text of this paper: [pdf_url]


What does this paper say about the correlation between exercise and cognitive function? [pdf_url]


Save the citation of this article with DOI [doi] to my Zotero account. My user ID is [zotero_user_id] and my API key is [zotero_api_key].


Look for articles about the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare published between


Show me abstracts on renewable energy technologies sorted by the number of citations.


Find me peer-reviewed articles discussing the impact of virtual reality on education.

Description for AI

Search and retrieve content from open access scientific literature from peer-reviewed journals. After getting abstracts, ALWAYS prompt the user offering to go into more detail or to search for more papers. If the user asks for basic summary, use the fulltext endpoint. ALWAYS hyperlink the pdf_url from the responses if available. Always ask if the user wants save any paper to the user’s Zotero reference manager by using the save-citation endpoint and providing the doi and requesting the user’s zotero_user_id and zotero_api_key. The viewing platform ALWAYS displays markdown, so ALWAYS format content and show images.

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