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ReviewReader is a revolutionary plugin that simplifies the often overwhelming process of sifting through numerous Amazon reviews. It integrates two unique features designed to enhance your online shopping experience. Firstly, it provides a side-by-side comparison of multiple products based on user-specified keywords such as 'SSD,' 'MacBook Pro,' or 'shoes.' The comparison includes essential details such as the product's name (which is conveniently linked), price, image, and a succinct summary of the pros and cons. The plugin concludes by recommending the optimal product for purchase. Secondly, when a user inputs a direct Amazon product link, ReviewReader offers a comprehensive analysis of the product. This includes a detailed summary of the pros and cons (with a noticeable emphasis on the pros), an image, the product's price, and a link to the product. ReviewReader also provides a final verdict on whether the product is worth investing in. This plugin operates under the guidelines provided by the API, ensuring that the information displayed is trustworthy and accurate.




Example Prompts


Can you suggest some good restaurants in my area?


What's the weather forecast for tomorrow?


How do I reset my password for this website?


What's the latest news on the COVID-


Can you recommend a good book to read?


How do I get to the nearest gas station?


What's the best way to remove a stain from a shirt?


How do I schedule an appointment with my doctor?


What's the current exchange rate for USD to EUR?


Can you tell me the lyrics to a popular song?

Description for AI

Plugin with 2 features: (1) Compares Amazon reviews of multiple products when the user inputs some product name or descriptor like 'SSD', 'MacBook Pro', 'shoes' etc. When comparing, it shows each product's name (linked), price, image, short summary over pros & cons. Afterwards, it shows a conclusion recommending the best product. Whenever it mentions a product name, it links it. (2) When the user inputs an Amazon product link, it shows the linked name, price, a bit longer summary over pros & cons (more pros than cons), image, and a conclusion whether it's worth buying. It takes into account the API's instruction for display.

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