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Introducing Resume, a groundbreaking innovation that leverages the power of AI to revolutionize your resume-review process. This state-of-the-art tool streamlines the often-laborious task of gathering valuable details from an individual's resume. It works its magic by accepting a URL link to a PDF-formatted resume or an already established document ID (doc_id). After which, it efficiently downloads and stores the resume's content in a high-tech vector database. The true novelty lies in how Resume scans the stored content to answer user queries or extract specific resume details, providing detailed feedback, insights, and suggestions. But don't worry if you forget to pose a question when submitting your PDF URL, because Resume has got that covered too with its effortless functionality, ensuring an empty string under 'answer' in the response. With Resume, you're not just getting a tool; you're getting a smart, AI-enhanced recruit assistant that works around the clock for your convenience.




Example Prompts


"Please download my resume from this link: and tell me what is my last job title?"


"Could you fetch the resume from this URL: and find out my highest level of education?"


"Can you download a document from and tell me what skills are mentioned?"


"I need you to retrieve a resume from this website: and find out the name of the universities I attended."


"Download my resume from this URL: and tell me how many years of experience I have."


"Please get my resume from and check what languages I speak."


"Fetch the document from this link: and tell me my professional summary."


"Can you download my resume from and find out the positions I've held in the past?"


"Retrieve my resume from this URL: and tell me my certifications."


"I need to know my GPA as mentioned in my resume from this link:"

Description for AI

This plugin is designed to streamline the process of extracting information from a person's resume, which is typically a PDF document. It operates by accepting either a URL link to a PDF resume or a document ID (doc_id) from the user. Upon validating the URL, the plugin downloads the PDF resume, stores its content in a vector database, and answers any accompanying question. If a doc_id is provided, the plugin retrieves the document directly from the database. The plugin then scans the stored PDF resume to answer user queries or retrieve specific resume details. If no question is provided with the PDF resume URL, the 'answer' in the response will be an empty string.

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