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Introducing Repo Radar, the ultimate Github repository scouting tool designed to simplify and streamline your coding and programming experiences. With the ability to search and discover relevant repositories by topic, language, or name, it's the one-stop solution for effortlessly exploring the vast landscape of Github repositories. Leveraging the power of AI, Repo Radar not only offers up-to-date and comprehensive repo information but also presents the README files that enable users to write code that integrates seamlessly with the latest industry standards. Whether you're an experienced developer or a coding newbie, tapping into the Repo Radar experience guarantees a smarter, more efficient, and entirely unbiased approach to navigating the ever-evolving world of Github.




Example Prompts


"Find repositories related to the topic machine learning."


"Search for JavaScript repositories containing the term 'chatbot'."


"Can you get the readme for repository 'tensorflow' owned by 'tensorflow'?"


"Search for repositories based on the topic artificial intelligence."


"Look for Python repositories with the keyword 'data analysis'."


"Retrieve the readme of the repository 'express' owned by 'expressjs'."


"Find repositories associated with the topic deep learning."


"Search for Ruby repositories that include the term 'web scraping'."


"Can you fetch the readme for the repository 'rails' owned by 'rails'?"


"Search for repositories related to the topic data visualization."

Description for AI

If you're helping users code, you can use this to get current information about Github repos. You can search for repos by topic, language, or name. You can also get the README for a repo which you can then use to help the user write code that is more likely to run.

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