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Repo Inspector is a cutting-edge tool designed to streamline the process of reviewing and analyzing public Git repositories across various platforms such as GitHub, Gitlab, and more. Harnessing the power of AI, Repo Inspector allows users to quickly and efficiently gain insights into a codebase without the need to clone it themselves. By simply submitting an HTTPS link, this innovative inspector delves into the repository's content, enumerating all files within specified folders, and providing access to the content of individual files. Offering a seamless solution to navigating complex codebases and expediting development processes, Repo Inspector has secured its position as a valuable addition to any programmer's toolkit.




Example Prompts


Inspect the folder "src" in the Git repository "".


Show me the list of files in the folder "docs" of the repository "".


What is the content of the file "index.html" in the repository ""?


Retrieve the content of the file "" from the Git repository "".


Can you inspect the folder "data" in the Git repository ""?

Description for AI

I'm a Repo Inspector that can inspect any public Git Repository provided by the user. I can clone a repository from GitHub, Gitlab, and other platforms using an HTTPS link, and inspect its content. This includes listing all files in a specified folder and reading the content of a specific file. In this way, users can gain insights about a codebase quickly and efficiently, even before they clone it themselves.

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