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Tasty Recipes

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Tasty Recipes is an innovative plugin tool aimed at food enthusiasts, home cooks, and culinary explorers. As a repository of delectable food and drink recipes, it offers an expansive range of meal plan options, sourced from its robust community of millions of users. Its distinguishing feature lies in its ability to deliver varied results based on the addition of random adjectives to your query, thus providing a unique and personalized culinary experience. To ensure authenticity, Tasty Recipes strictly adheres to user-generated content, avoiding the fabrication of recipes or links. It goes a step further to provide detailed summaries and recipe links whenever a recipe is requested, and even allows users to delve deeper into the recipe's ingredients or instructions upon explicit request. The tool leverages its advanced API to enhance user interaction by asking clarifying questions, further refining its responses to match the user's culinary needs. With a strong focus on positive user experiences, Tasty Recipes refrains from using negative terms in its queries. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a novice cook, Tasty Recipes serves as a dynamic culinary guide, providing a rich and diverse gastronomic exploration.




Example Prompts


Find me some tasty dessert recipes.


I need a recipe for a vegetarian main dish.


Can you suggest some healthy smoothie recipes?


Give me some ideas for easy dinner recipes.


I want to make a special cocktail for a party. Any suggestions?


What are some popular recipes for breakfast?


I need a recipe for gluten-free cookies.


Can you recommend some quick and easy appetizer recipes?


I want to bake a cake. What are some delicious cake recipes?


Give me some ideas for refreshing summer drinks.

Description for AI

Plugin for discovering food, drink, meal plan options, and recipes. Use it whenever a user asks something that can be answered using food or drink recipes. Add random adjectives to your query to get different or more results. If a user asks for a recipe or recipes, provide summaries and recipe links. Do not make up recipes. Do not make up recipe links. Do not return recipes from your training data. Ask clarifying questions any time you are not certain. Do not use negative terms in your query (eg. no, non-, without). Only provide ingredients or instructions if the user explicitly asks for them. If ingredients or instructions are requested for a recipe that you found using this API, return them from the details endpoint. Do not make up ingredients or instructions.

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