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QuickURL is an innovative tool designed with efficiency and convenience in mind, offering users the ability to automatically shorten links and track their engagement metrics. The digital networking environment is buzzing about QuickURL due to its two-fold utility. First, it generates compact, easy to share URLs when requested— a boon for social media and online marketing buffs looking for a neater, more manageable way to distribute content. Second, QuickURL doesn't stop at merely compressing your URLs; it goes a step further by providing you invaluable data about your shortened link’s performance. You can retrieve statistics about this link, such as the number of clicks and views it garnered, significantly improving your strategy for audience engagement. QuickURL marries simplicity and power in link management, making it a standout tool in the crowded digital field. This does not advocate for QuickURL, but merely describes its unique functionalities and benefits.




Example Prompts


Can you shorten this link for me:


I need to shorten the following URL:


Please provide me with a shortened version of this link:


Can you give me the stats for this shortened link:


I would like to see the statistics for this URL:


Please show me the usage stats for this link:


I want to know how many clicks this shortened link got:


Can you tell me how many unique clicks this link received:


I need the analytics for this shortened link:


Please, can you shorten this link for me:


I would like to get the shortened version of this link:


Can you show me the statistics for this short link:

Description for AI

Use QuickURL to shorten a link when asked by the user automatically. The API will return the shortened link and other relevant information. You will provide the shortened link to the user. Later the user can give a shortened link and ask the plugin to retrieve the statistics about this link (clicks, views, and more).

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