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Introducing Quick News Digest, the ultimate plugin for tailored news discovery, designed with customization and simplicity in mind. This innovative tool is perfect for those with an appetite for current events, offering curated articles from around the globe, filtered and sorted based on your unique interests. Say goodbye to endless scrolling through generic news feeds; Quick News Digest takes your preferences into account and continuously scans the web to provide you with a well-rounded overview of the topics that matter to you most. And with options to search, filter, and view the latest news, this savvy plugin reshapes the way we consume information in today's fast-paced digital world. Uncover your perfect, personalized news experience with Quick News Digest.




Example Prompts


"Find me news articles on the current situation in Afghanistan."


"Fetch me the latest news about the stock market in English."


"I want to read some articles on climate change."


"Can you show me the recent news about the COVID-


"Search for news related to the Tokyo Olympics."


"Get me the news in French about the presidential election."


"Show me the latest articles on cryptocurrency in Chinese."


"I'm looking for news about the forest fires in California."


"Find me some news updates on the new iPhone release."


"Fetch me the latest news about the SpaceX launch."

Description for AI

Plugin for retrieving news articles. You can search, filter, and view the latest news based on your preferences.

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