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AskYourDatabase is a revolutionary tool that allows you to interact with your databases seamlessly without the need for SQL code. This innovative solution takes a database URI and executes database queries, providing you with the requested data and the structure of the database tables. It's an essential tool for those who need to access and manipulate data, but lack the technical knowledge to write complex SQL queries. By simplifying the database interaction process, AskYourDatabase not only saves you time and effort, but also effectively bridges the gap between data and non-technical users. Whether you're a business owner who needs quick insights from your data, or a beginner trying to navigate the world of databases, AskYourDatabase offers a streamlined, user-friendly approach to data access and management. With AskYourDatabase, the power of data is just a simple question away.




Example Prompts


Can you help me query my database?


I need to fetch some data from my database, how can I do that?


What's the syntax for executing a SQL query?


Can you show me the tables in my database?


How can I fetch data from a specific table in my database?


I want to update some data in my database, what's the syntax for that?


Can you help me execute a MongoDB query?


How can I see my query history?


Can you explain the different types of actions I can perform with this plugin?


What's the syntax for performing a distinct operation on a field in my database?

Description for AI

Provide a database URI and get the requested data and the structure of the database tables by executing database queries.

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