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Quantum Ready Check

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Introducing Quantum Ready Check, an innovative tool designed to usher in a new era of internet safety in a quantum computing world. As the digital landscape evolves, the tool adeptly tests websites for quantum-safe key encapsulation mechanisms, essentially examining if they are safeguarded against potential quantum encryption attacks—a burgeoning concern in the age of quantum computing. Rather than simply presenting a binary safe-or-unsafe result, Quantum Ready Check offers a broader, nuanced picture, giving you an edge in the escalating quantum arms race. This tool goes beyond conventional approaches to cybersecurity, acting as a litmus test for quantum readiness, and thereby serving as an essential resource for any organization vested in the digital domain. By utilizing Quantum Ready Check, users not only future-proof their online assets but also anchor security in resilience, preparing for threats even before they manifest.




Example Prompts


"Can you check if my website is using quantum-safe key encapsulation mechanisms? Here's the URL:"


"I need to verify if this website is using quantum-safe protocols. The URL is"


"Could you please confirm if is quantum-safe?"


"Please check the quantum safety of this URL:"


"I would like to know if this website is using quantum-safe key encapsulation mechanisms."


"Is using quantum-safe protocols? Please check."


"Can you verify if is quantum-safe?"


"Please perform a quantum check for this URL:"


"I want to ensure my website is quantum-safe. Please check"


"Could you check if this site is using quantum-safe key encapsulation mechanisms?"

Description for AI

Check if a given website is using quantum-safe key encapsulation mechanisms .Use it when the user wants to check if a site is safe against quantum encryption attacks.

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