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Introducing the innovative TranslationRater, an advanced AI-driven plugin developed by Welocalize to revolutionize the way translation quality is assessed. Designed to provide a seamless and streamlined experience for linguists, the TranslationRater tool effortlessly analyzes the accuracy and coherence of translated texts, without compromising on context or meaning. Forget the limitations of traditional methods, and utilize the power of artificial intelligence for a faster, more reliable, and unbiased evaluation of your translations. With TranslationRater, learn to navigate the ever-changing landscape of global communication and multi-language content like never before, as the plugin empowers users to evaluate and rate translations expertly, with precision and consistency as its prime focus. Discover a new era of translation assessment for both professionals and amateurs alike, with the groundbreaking TranslationRater by Welocalize.




Example Prompts


Can you create a new task for me?


What are my upcoming tasks for next week?


Mark task "Finish report" as completed.


What are my overdue tasks?


Can you set a reminder for me to complete task "Send email to client"?


Can you assign task "Research market trends" to John?


How much time have I spent on task "Develop new product"?


Can you delete task "Buy office supplies"?

Description for AI

Welocalize plugin for estimating quality of translations. Rate a translation by ChatGPT or provided source and target text.

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