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Introducing Promptest, the innovative tool painstakingly designed for individuals aiming to perfect the art of crafting succinct, contextually relevant prompts for AI models like ChatGPT. Users will find unique merits to this tool's distinct functionality, with options to enhance, receive feedback on their prompts, brainstorm new ideas, or partake in a creative 'Prompt Workout', all initiated through a simple backslash followed by the designated command. What differentiates Promptest from other platforms is its user-friendly ability to not just polish an existing prompt, but furthermore create a space for developmental practice, guided brainstorming, and unbiased feedback—all serving as a home base for improving prompt crafting abilities. The service is freely available to all users with a monthly usage quota, making it an optimal choice for those keen on exploring the myriad of opportunities artificial intelligence offers in refining their articulation in specific prompt generation. For those seeking unlimited access, an upgrade plan is conveniently available.




Example Prompts


"/enhance Write a short story about a child's first day at school."


"/feedback Compose a poem about the beauty of springtime."


"/enhance Craft a motivational speech for young athletes."


"/feedback Create an introductory paragraph for a historical fiction novel."


"/enhance Write a blog post on the advantages of renewable energy."






"/feedback Write a summary of the book 'To Kill a Mockingbird'."


"/enhance Prepare a script for a cooking show featuring Italian cuisine."


"/feedback Write a product description for a new tech gadget."

Description for AI

Plugin that helps users become better at writing clear, specific, and contextual prompts for AI models like ChatGPT. The plugin has four main functionalities, which users can initiate by starting with a backslash followed by the respective route. The '/enhance' route takes a user's prompt and returns a task prompt for ChatGPT to enhance the original prompt. Similarly, the '/feedback' route receives a user's prompt and provides a task prompt for ChatGPT to give feedback on the initial prompt. Both '/enhance' and '/feedback' require an input prompt from the user. On the other hand, '/brainstorm' and '/workout' routes don't require user input. The '/brainstorm' route returns a task prompt for ChatGPT to guide a brainstorming session for crafting prompts. The '/workout' route generates a task prompt for ChatGPT to conduct a 'Prompt Workout', a creative session for enhancing prompt crafting skills. The plugin is free for all users, however there is a monthly usage quota. If users choose to get unlimited usage, they can be served a link to upgrade to an unlimited plan.

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