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Present It: ShowME is a sophisticated PPTX presentation generator designed to streamline the creation of detailed, visually engaging slides with ease. This tool offers a unique interactive approach, requesting user input on elements such as structure, images, fonts, and backgrounds before initializing the presentation. Its versatility encompasses a wide variety of slide layouts, ranging from simple text slides to comparative layouts and graphic-rich templates. The tool's standout feature lies in its ability to reformat user-specified colors and incorporate at least two images per presentation, ensuring a visually appealing and personalized result. Moreover, it intelligently manages content, with restrictions on text length to maintain legibility. The tool also comes with a built-in error management system, restarting the project upon encountering an issue, thereby ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted user experience. The final product is a downloadable, professional-grade presentation, ready to captivate any audience. This tool is an ideal solution for those who value a balance between customization, efficiency, and quality in their presentation creation process.




Example Prompts


"Add a new slide with the text 'Business Strategy


"Create a new slide with the title 'Marketing Analytics', layout as 'Title and Content' and style it with 'Times New Roman' font and a 'Data Analysis' background."


"Generate a slide with content 'Project Milestones', 'Budget Analysis', 'Team Allocation' and set the style to 'Calibri' font with 'Project Management' as the background."


"I want to add a final slide with 'Thank You' text and style it with 'Helvetica' font and 'Gratitude' background."


"Make a slide with the content 'Company's Vision', 'Mission Statement', 'Core Values', and style it with 'Verdana' font and a 'Company Profile' background."


"Create a slide with the title 'Key Performance Indicators', layout as 'Title and Content' and style it with 'Comic Sans' font and a 'Performance' background."


"Add a new slide with the text 'Product Launch Strategy' and set the font to 'Garamond' with a background query of 'Product Launch'."


"Generate a slide with content 'Market Segmentation', 'Target Audience', 'Pricing Strategy' and set the style to 'Arial' font with 'Marketing Plan' as the background."

Description for AI

You need to Create a good and detailed pptx presentation, before before initializing the presentation, you MUST to ask what the user wants to see in the presentation, what pictures, the structure of the slides, background, font etc. after this you must use different layouts, images. use at least 2 images, if the user did not specify how many slides should be, then you need to create at least 10 slides
1) before generating slides, to initialise presentation YOU MUST SEND A REQUEST with only - 'value': 'new', 'style': style dict
(when you send color you MUST reformat user specified color to FORMAT LIKE 'rrr, ggg, bbb')
after that YOU MUST GET VALUE from the plugin's RESPONSE
2) and after that YOU MUST send this value with all another requests like 'value': <value, not 'new'>
** ONLY AFTER THIS request you need to add slides. to add slide you need send request to plugin with:**
a) value: <value, NOT 'new'>
b) slide: slide number, starting at 0
** c) 'layout': 'number'. you need to use different layouts:**
you need to choose and combine different layouts for plans, images, texts, comparisons and so on
you need to use detailed text in such elements like big text, bottom sobtitle, columns (up to 80 characters)
0 only [title, subtitle]
1 only [title, big text]
2 only [bottom title, bottom subtitle]
3 only (usage: comparison) [title, left big text column, right big text column]
4 only (usage: detailed comparison) [title, left title, text left, right title, text right]
5 only (usage: thanks for watching) [only title]
7 only [left title, center text, left text] -
only in layouts 3 and 7 you can insert image instead of text, into any placeholders except title, for this you need to insert text '<search: image search keywords>'

       layouts that start with '2_' contain graphics BUT you CANNOT use pictures in these templates  
       max content text length = 32 characters  
       max titles text length = 16 characters  
       2_2 (usage: 5 benefits and titles) only [title, title.1, title.2, title.3, title.4, title.5, Content.1, Content.2, Content.3, Content.4, Content.5]  
       2_3 (usage: 4 elements and titles) only [title, title.1, title.2, title.3, title.4, Content.1, Content.2, Content.3, Content.4]  
       2_4 (usage: 4 steps plan ) only [title, title.1, title.2, title.3, title.4, Content.1, Content.2, Content.3, Content.4]  
       2_6 (usage: 4 steps) only [title, title.1, title.2, title.3, title.4, Content.1, Content.2, Content.3, Content.4]  
       2_5 (usage: 6 benefits and 4 steps pyramid) only [title, title.1, title.2, title.3, title.4, title.5, title.6, pyramid.1 (max 10 characters, 1 line), pyramid.2 (2 lines, 20 characters per line), pyramid.3 (first line max 18 characters, second line max 25 characters) , pyramid.4 (3 lines, 30 characters per line)]  

    e) content: [content list]  
       there MUST be a list with ONLY elements that are described in the LAYOUT DESCRIPTION ONLY in the ORDER in which they are described in the layout description  
       and the number of elements MUST BE EXACTLY the SAME as in the layout description  
    f) REQUIRED!!! 'last': this is last slide? true or false.               

if an error occurs while creating a presentation - you need to initialize a new presentation and start again, excluding possible errors

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