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Prayer Times

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Prayer Times is a globally-accessible tool designed to provide accurate prayer timings across the globe in a matter of seconds. This innovative tool ingeniously utilizes different geographic data points to offer precise prayer schedules tailored to your specific location. If a location or address isn't provided, the tool opts for the 'Timings' endpoint, but if more detailed data is available, the 'TimingsByAddress' or 'TimingsByCity' endpoints are leveraged for a more refined result. This unique feature sets Prayer Times apart from other services, offering a level of customization and accuracy not often found in similar tools. With a user-friendly interface and lightning-fast response times, Prayer Times ensures that users can seamlessly integrate their religious rituals into their daily schedules, no matter where they are in the world.




Example Prompts


"Could you please provide the prayer timings for today?"


"I need the prayer timings for the date


"Can I get the prayer timings for my address on


"What are the prayer timings for the address '


"Please provide the prayer timings for the city 'Los Angeles' on


"I need the prayer timings for the city 'Chicago' in the country 'USA' on the date


"Could I get the prayer times for tomorrow?"


"Can you tell me the prayer timings for 'London' in the 'UK' on


"I need the prayer timings for the address '


"What are the prayer times for my current location today?"

Description for AI

If location or address is not provided,then use timings endpoint, otherwise use timingsByAddress or timingsByCity endpoint.

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