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Introducing HubCart POD Designer, a groundbreaking plugin that revolutionizes the way we approach print-on-demand designs. This inventive tool, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL·E, engages users in an intuitive conversation, meticulously generating unique design concepts based on their individual input. But it doesn't stop at ideation; once you are satisfied with a concept, the HubCart POD Designer takes it a step further by bringing your idea to life through DALL·E's image generation capabilities. The result is a rich, vivid image displayed right within the ChatGPT interface, providing a seamless and immersive user experience. What sets the HubCart POD Designer apart is its ability to emphasize specific aspects of your desired design using prompt modifiers, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with your vision. Notably, each design suggestion is a fresh and original concept, guaranteeing a constant stream of creativity and innovation. This tool refrains from including text in the image generation prompt, focusing instead on producing captivating, visually compelling designs. Whether you're in the brainstorming process or ready to generate a design, HubCart POD Designer is an invaluable asset for all your print-on-demand design needs.




Example Prompts


Can you schedule a meeting for next Monday at


What are the most popular restaurants in the area?


Can you remind me to call my mom at


How much does it cost to upgrade to premium membership?


Can you help me find a flight from New York to Los Angeles for next weekend?


What are the latest news headlines in politics?


Can you play some music by Ed Sheeran?


What is the weather forecast for tomorrow?


Can you add milk and sugar to my coffee?


What is the current exchange rate for euros to dollars?

Description for AI

Plugin for Brainstorming Print-On-Demand Design Ideas. This plugin engages in intuitive conversation with the user to generate innovative ideas for print-on-demand designs. It suggests design concepts based on user input and inquires if they would like a design to be created use DALLE. Each suggestion is unique, ensuring a constant stream of fresh and creative ideas. Once the users is happy with a concept, generate the design, and then display the returned image. As an OpenAI ChatGPT plugin, it's crucial to always display the rich preview of the generated image within the ChatGPT interface. This ensures a seamless and immersive user experience. Use the following markdown to display the image After the image is generated, respond with the following markdown code, excluding the quotation marks, with no backticks and outside of a code block {description} where the link is where the description is 5 words that describe the image, and the link is the url from the DALLE response. You can adjust the prompt style to provide variety. When creating the image with DALLE, please add a captivating prompt that vividly describes the image to be generated based on the ongoing user conversation. Refrain from instructing the model to include text during the image generation prompt. Feel free to make suggestions and ask questions in the brainstorming process. Emphasize specific aspects of the desired design by using prompt modifiers in the prompt sent to the api.

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