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API Documentation is an innovative design assistant that streamlines the process of creating marketing visuals by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. This cutting-edge plugin effortlessly generates images, PDFs, and videos from pre-existing templates, enabling marketing teams to save time and resources on their digital campaigns. Unlike conventional design tools, integrates with popular website builders, content management systems, and social media platforms, allowing for seamless workflow and collaboration within the digital marketing ecosystem. By capitalizing on AI-powered automation, effectively minimizes human error, ensures visual consistency, and accelerates the production of quality marketing materials, all without compromising the brand's unique identity and vision.




Example Prompts


"Create a course certificate PDF for John Doe, dated


"Generate an Instagram feed image with the quote 'Peace of mind is experienced only after making peace with your mind'."


"Generate a video slideshow from images at these URLs: [URL


"Create an image with the text 'Season's Greetings' on the 'Holiday Greetings' template."


"Make a PDF from the 'Invoice' template with 'Acme Corporation' as the company name and '


"Create a video using the 'Product Showcase' template with these images: [URL


"Generate an image with the 'Motivational Quote' template with the quote 'Believe you can and you're halfway there'."


"Use the 'Event Invitation' template to create a PDF invitation for 'Annual Gala', dated


"Make a video using the 'Travel Memories' template with these images: [URL


"Generate a 'Certificate of Achievement' PDF for 'Jane Smith', dated

Description for AI

A plugin for generating images, PDFs and videos from templates.

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