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Introducing PDF Magic, a remarkable tool designed to reinvent the way you create PDFs. In a world where digital documentation is at its peak, PDF Magic offers an instant solution to meticulously craft a variety of documents, including resumes, cover letters, reports, forms, and agreements. Harnessing the potency of binary encoding, this resourceful tool ensures all special characters are accurately escaped for JSON strings, adhering to API call constraints, reducing the chances for error and smoothing out the document generation process. Accentuated with Markdown styling features, PDF Magic allows for visually appealing documents that not only meet but exceed industry standards. An unbiased look at PDF Magic shows a promising platform that effectively caters to the demands of today's digital documentation needs without compromising on the professional aesthetics.




Example Prompts


Create a PDF from this markdown text.


Convert my markdown notes into a PDF file.


Generate a PDF document from the given markdown.


Turn this markdown content into a PDF.


Please create a PDF using this markdown content.


Extract the text from this URL link.


Read the contents of the given URL.


Fetch the text from this online document.


Retrieve the text content from this webpage link.


Convert the content of this URL into readable text.

Description for AI

Help the user create a PDF. Make sure you escape special characters for JSON string used in API call. Use Markdown styling to make the doc look nice.

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