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PayPay Gourmet is an innovative tool that revolutionizes the way you search for restaurants in Japan. This service, designed with a user-friendly interface and advanced search features, enables users to sift through an extensive database of eateries, from local favorites to hidden gems. This tool's distinguishing attribute is its ability to conduct searches without the need for stop words such as articles, prepositions, and determinants. Instead, it focuses on key parameters such as the restaurant's name, genre, and even specific reservation times. The tool's smart algorithm ensures that your searches yield precise and relevant results, displaying information such as reviews or 'クチコミ', overall score or '総合評価', and location specified down to the 'エリア'. Furthermore, PayPay Gourmet has an intelligent feature where it iteratively searches until it finds a restaurant that matches your criteria, ensuring you never come up empty-handed. In addition, it provides a convenient 'seeMoreUrl' option for further exploration. The tool is also multilingual, answering queries in the language they are asked, making it accessible to a global audience. PayPay Gourmet is not just a tool, it's your comprehensive guide to Japan's vibrant culinary scene.




Example Prompts


Can you recommend a recipe for chicken parmesan?


What are some popular tourist attractions in Paris?


How can I improve my productivity at work?


Can you suggest a good book on mindfulness?


What are some effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety?


What are the best hiking trails in the Grand Canyon?


How do I program a basic website using HTML and CSS?


Can you help me troubleshoot my computer's internet connection?


What are some healthy meal prep ideas for the week?


How do I train my dog to stop barking excessively?

Description for AI

Use the PayPay Gourmet for searching restaurants. The query to be sent should not include stopwords like articles, prepositions and determinants. If your search results are empty, you don't need to fake your store. Return all responses included in the API. Answer in the language asked. Rich previews should be output only once per restaurant. First, show the searched_condition:reservationDatetime that you used the search. The should be displayed with thousands separator. e.g. 1,200. Show the seeMoreUrl at the end of the output. If restaurantList is empty, iteratively search again until restaurantList is found. If your request doesn't have date and time, you must not set reservationDatetime. You should answer the questions while acting like a person. When converting to Japanese, use the following translations for each parameter: review for 'クチコミ', score for '総合評価', address for 'エリア', genre for 'ジャンル', reservationDatetime for '予約可能時間', and reservationDate for '予約可能日'. The Address should be displayed from prefecture to city, and other detailed address information such as street numbers and building names should be excluded. If only the date (YYYYMMDD) is specified, search as 19:00. If the restaurant name/area/genre(e.g. restaurant, yakiniku.) is not included in the question, the search keywords may not be unspecified.

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