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One Word Domains is a powerful tool that simplifies the often tedious task of domain name availability checking and price comparison. Leveraging an intuitive plugin, One Word Domains seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT assistant to automate the process of domain name generation and availability checking. The tool returns three crucial pieces of information: the domain name being checked, its availability status, and a direct link for purchase, ensuring users always have actionable and relevant data at their fingertips. But this tool doesn't just stop at availability checks; it also offers a comparative analysis of domain prices across various registrars. This feature empowers users to identify and opt for the most economical registrar for their chosen domain, based on its TLD. One Word Domains stands out in its domain, delivering a unique blend of efficiency, convenience, and cost-effectiveness in domain name management.




Example Prompts


Is the domain available for purchase?


Can you check if is an available domain?


Find out if is up for grabs.


Compare the prices of the .org TLD across different registrars.


What's the cheapest registrar for a domain?


Check the availability of the following domains: example


I want to know if is available on Namecheap.


Compare domain prices for the .tech TLD from various registrars.


Is the domain available for purchase on GoDaddy?


What is the cheapest option for registering a .app domain?

Description for AI

Use the One Word Domains plugin to automatically check the availability of a domain when it's being generated by the ChatGPT assistant. The plugin will always return 3 values: the domain being checked, the domain's availability status, and a link to to purchase the domain. Links will always be returned and should be shown to the user. The plugin can also compare the prices of a given domain (based on their TLD) across multiple registrars and find the cheapest registrar to purchase the domain.

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