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Open Archives is an innovative tool designed for genealogical and historical research with an emphasis on resources in Dutch and Belgian archives. This digital tool offers a robust platform to explore a plethora of data compiled from various sources across Netherlands and Belgium, providing crucial insights into ancestry, heritage, and past society structures. As a gateway to vast historical archive records related to individual persons, Open Archives offers a unique service unlike any that's available in the genealogy sphere. Convenient and highly intuitive, it transforms the complex process of ancestral research into a simplified and streamlined task. The strength of this tool lies in its immense database that typically includes materials otherwise scattered across countless analog archives. Thus, Open Archives ensures a more comprehensive and meticulous study of family history, encouraging a new wave of historical appreciation and understanding.




Example Prompts


"Find birth records for John Smith."


"Can you show me the death records for Jane Doe?"


"I'm looking for marriage records for John Smith and Jane Doe."


"Find archival records for a person named John Smith who was born in


"Who were the children of John Smith and Jane Doe?"


"Show me persons who were born


"Get birth records for John Smith born in


"Can you find death records for Jane Doe in


"Find me marriage records for John Smith and Jane Doe in


"Show me archival records for a person named John Smith who was born in

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Plugin for finding historical archive records about persons.

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