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Open Prompt Library is revolutionizing the way users interact with dynamic content generation. This cutting-edge tool allows users to effortlessly browse, search, and utilize prompts from an extensive open-source database. Catering to various specifications, the platform offers search capabilities by ID, title, or prompt similarity, as well as listing the most popular prompts based on usage count and timeframe. This highly versatile resource empowers content creators to {implement customized templates, streamlining the process of generating unique, targeted content on the fly. With its user-friendly interface, Open Prompt Library is the go-to solution for those seeking efficient and customizable content generation backed by a wealth of community-driven resources.




Example Prompts


"Get template with ID


"Search templates with title 'Birthday Invitation'"


"Find templates with prompt 'Wedding Invitation'"


"Create a new template with the prompt 'Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation'"


"Get top templates for the last month"

Description for AI

Help the user use prompt/templates from a open prompt library. You can search by id, title and prompt similarity. Also, you can list the user the top prompt (by use count) by timeframe (hour, day, week, month, alltime). You will receive a template for a prompt and you have to fill the arguments for the user and respond to the resulting prompt.

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