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API Documentation positions itself as a leading tool in the domain space, dedicated to giving users the ability to scrutinize the availability of their desired domain names across countless ccTLDs and gTLDs. Their unique feature lies in the comprehensive scope of their service, which supports the verification of every top-level domain name imaginable. As you enter the domain of your preference, if it's available, Nominus offers a direct and convenient purchase link. Alternatively, if your desired domain is already taken, Nominus provides links to detailed additional information. Struggling to find the perfect domain name? Nominus has got you covered. Their powerful algorithms filter through the mass of registered domain names, allowing users to navigate the complex landscape of digital branding effortlessly. Unlike many services in the crowded domain market, Nominus’s laser focus on domain availability and user accessibility sets them apart.




Example Prompts


Is the domain available for purchase?


Can you check if is taken or not?


I want to know if is available and where can I buy it?


Please verify if the following domains are free:,,


Are these domains accessible:, If yes, give me the purchase links.

Description for AI

Check the availability of a domain and provide a purchase link if the domain is available or link to additional information otherwise.

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