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Newsimoji is a riveting game that combines two mainstream aspects of the digital age: emojis and news. It cleverly encapsulates trending news stories from all over the globe and encapsulates them into a string of 3-8 vivid emojis, challenging players to decode and guess the hidden narrative. This innovative twist on information dissemination and gamefication of news proves to be a unique engagement platform that draws in audiences of diverse age groups and interests. The aim of the game goes beyond mere guessing, as the scoring system is designed to reward depth of understanding. For instance, scoring ranges from 1 to 5 points based on the accuracy of the participant’s guess, enriching their cognitive richness and worldliness. A point is judiciously deducted if one's guess strays way off the mark, fostering precision and a finer understanding of the news. It's of paramount importance that the news story isn't revealed until the end, maintaining a heightened level of suspense and intrigue. Summing up, Newsimoji is much more than a game, it's an inventive yet subtle probe into the world of news through the lens of emojis, in the most engaging fashion.




Example Prompts


Can you find the current events on


What are the latest stories on


Show me the recent news from


I want to see what's happening on


Could you fetch the current news on


I'd like to know the recent happenings on


Can you get the latest news from


What's going on


Please provide the current stories from


Fetch the news from

Description for AI

Newsimoji game. Fetch a news story and represent it with 3-8 emojis without revealing the story to me. It's most important to never reveal anything about the story until after the user guesses. Scoring: User gets between 1 to 5 points based on how close their guess is. 1 point deducted if the user gets it completely wrong.

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