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The NASA Media Explorer is an innovative tool that brings the vast expanse of the universe to your fingertips, providing access to NASA's extensive media library. This dynamic tool enables users to delve into a wide array of subjects such as space exploration, astronomy, and various NASA missions by conducting intelligent searches for captivating images and videos. What sets the NASA Media Explorer apart is its ability to refine searches and conduct multiple inquiries simultaneously, making it a potent companion to web search or specific mission information. Despite its comprehensive search capabilities, it's crucial to note that the NASA Media Explorer operates under a non-commercial usage model and doesn't facilitate access to copyrighted content. Its purpose is to navigate NASA's media library effectively, providing publicly accessible media assets via a URL in the response. However, the availability of these assets is subject to the NASA API and external factors. Despite these inherent limitations, the NASA Media Explorer succeeds in making space exploration easily accessible and engaging for all users, fostering an educational and exploratory experience within the boundaries of NASA's Media Usage Guidelines.




Example Prompts


Find images related to the Mars Rover.


Search for videos of the moon landing.


Can you show me media assets related to the Hubble Space Telescope?


I want to find images of Jupiter.


Can you retrieve the media asset with the NASA ID "PL_


Show me the media content for the asset with NASA ID "AS_


Search for any media related to the Apollo missions.


I'm interested in images of the International Space Station.


Can you get me the media details for the asset with NASA ID "PL_


Look for videos related to the Voyager mission.


Can you find images of Mars from the NASA media library?


Retrieve the media asset with the NASA ID "AS_


Search for any media related to the Orion constellation.


Can you find any videos of spacewalks?


I want to view the media details for the asset with NASA ID "PL_

Description for AI

Discover and view images and videos from NASA's extensive media library! The NASA Media Explorer enables users to search for media assets related to a broad spectrum of topics including space exploration, astronomy, and various NASA missions. This feature facilitates intelligent searches, finding relevant and captivating images and videos based on the level of detail provided. Users can refine their searches and perform multiple inquiries simultaneously. The NASA Media Explorer can even be used alongside web search or known information to find images or videos related to specific missions, such as the current Mars Rover mission. While this feature is designed to search NASA's media library effectively, it's important to note some inherent limitations. The content returned operates strictly under a non-commercial usage model, meaning the returned content must not be used to imply NASA's endorsement. It also doesn't provide access to copyrighted content, such as certain music or footage. Moreover, it may not always return images or videos for less common or highly specific topics. The media assets returned are publicly accessible via a URL provided in the response, but their availability depends on the NASA API and external factors beyond the feature's control. The NASA Media Explorer's goal is to make the exploration of NASA's media library easy, engaging, and beneficial for all users, while adding an educational and exploratory aspect to interactions, and all within the bounds of NASA's Media Usage Guidelines.

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