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Moodo is a revolutionary aroma diffuser that stands at the nexus of technology and scent. As a smart and stylish counter-top device, Moodo can transform any space into a personalized scent-scape by mixing up to four distinct fragrances. This sleek device's unique feature lies in its ability to blend aromas, allowing users to create an ambient environment tailored to their mood or preference. In addition, the latest version, Moodo 3+, also brings air purifying capabilities to the table. The device uses advanced technology to cleanse the air, providing not only a pleasing aroma but also a healthier living or working space. With its innovative features, Moodo exists as more than just a scent diffuser—it's a comprehensive solution for enhancing indoor air quality and personal comfort.




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Can you turn on my Moodo device?


How do I change the intensity of the air flow?


What capsules do you have available for purchase?


Can you switch my Moodo device to purifier mode?


How do I set up the shuffle mode on my Moodo?


What is the current battery level of my Moodo device?


Which capsule is currently in slot


Can you turn off the interval mode on my Moodo?


What is the current firmware version of my Moodo device?


How do I switch between different device modes on my Moodo?

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Moodo - a smart & stylish counter-top aroma diffuser. Use it whenever a user asks something related to Moodo, scent, aroma, fragrance, mixing, purifier.

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