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MomentX GuideX stands out as a state-of-the-art tool that taps into the Azure Storage system to offer up-to-the-minute information on the MomentX department store, a feature that proves invaluable for both casual shoppers and dedicated deal-hunters. With functionality stretching from brand details to location-specific features, the GuideX utilizes API endpoints to localize and deliver data accurately. A key highlight includes the /GetCounterInfo/{name} endpoint which lets users pull up exhaustive specifics about any brand within the store, right from its floor and area information to the latest promotions. Additional coup de grâce includes the /GetToiletInfoByArea/{floor}/{area} and /GetToiletInfoByBrand/{floor}/{brand} endpoints, making restroom location details easily accessible either by area or proximate brand. The cherry on the cake is the /GetEventByBrand/{name} endpoint, providing instant access to promotional events associated with specific brands. MomentX GuideX, thus, proves to be a navigation and convenience powerhouse for any MomentX department store visitor. Its adept integration with Azure storage sets it apart and aptly showcases the seamless melding of robust back-end technology with user-friendly front-end design.




Example Prompts


Where can I find the location of Gucci in the store?


Can you tell me where the toilets are on the


I'm at the Levi's store on the


What promotions are currently available at Prada?


I'm near Calvin Klein on the


I'm looking for the Chanel counter, where is it located?


What are the current events or promotions at Louis Vuitton?


Can you guide me to the restrooms on the


Where are the toilets located near the Zara store on the


Can you tell me the location of the Versace brand in the department store?

Description for AI

This plugin interfaces directly with Azure Storage and provides several API endpoints. The /GetCounterInfo/{name} endpoint retrieves detailed information of a specific brand in the MomentX department store, including floor and area information and the latest promotions. The /GetToiletInfoByArea/{floor}/{area} endpoint returns the detailed location of the toilets based on the provided floor number and area. The /GetToiletInfoByBrand/{floor}/{brand} endpoint returns the detailed location of the toilets based on the provided floor number and nearby brand. The /GetEventByBrand/{name} endpoint retrieves promotional events related to a specific brand in the MomentX department store. These APIs provide valuable information for navigation and user convenience in the MomentX department store.

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