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Mobula is a cutting-edge tool designed to fetch real-time data for all crypto and blockchain metrics. This sophisticated platform stands at the intersection of technology and finance, offering a comprehensive snapshot of the dynamic digital currency landscape. With Mobula, users can delve into a plethora of metrics related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, including but not limited to, market capitalization, transaction volumes, and mining information. Not only does it provide real-time data, but its powerful analytical capabilities allow users to track trends and patterns over time, offering invaluable insights for investors, tech enthusiasts, or anyone interested in the ever-evolving world of digital currencies. The user-friendly interface and robust functionality highlight the tool's commitment to providing accessible and accurate data in an increasingly complex market.




Example Prompts


What is the current market data for Bitcoin?


Can you show me the last


Find the wallet transactions for my wallet address:


Show me the market data sorted by liquidity with a range of


Retrieve market data for Bitcoin and Ethereum together.


Get the website, twitter, and telegram links for the Binance Coin project.


Fetch the latest news for the crypto assets BTC and ETH.


Show me the holdings of wallet address

Description for AI

Fetching real-time data for all crypto & blockchain metrics.

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