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"Meal Planner" is an innovative meal planning tool that revolutionizes the culinary journey. Designed for the conscious consumer, Meal Planner offers a personalized approach to dietary planning that caters to unique nutritional requirements and preferences. With its wide-ranging customization capabilities, users can accurately select a time frame, set calorie targets and pick specific diets from gluten-free to whole30. Moreover, they can exclude potential allergens or undesired ingredients, making the tool highly adaptable to different dietary needs. The home-grown intelligent system processes the data to curate a comprehensive list of meal suggestions, each illustrating particularities such as meal title, preparation time, and servings, accompanied by a link to the recipe. With such detailed guidance at their fingertips, users can effortlessly maintain a varied and balanced diet while discovering an exciting array of meals daily or weekly. Summing up, Meal Planner is not just another tool on the market, but a valuable assistant that empowers its users to make informed food choices and embark on a diversified gastronomic adventure seamlessly.




Example Prompts


"Can you suggest a meal plan for a day?"


"I need a weekly meal plan for a gluten-free diet."


"Can you generate a daily meal plan with


"I am looking for a ketogenic meal plan for a week."


"Could you provide a weekly meal plan excluding shellfish?"


"Generate a meal plan for a day that is vegetarian and does not contain nuts."


"I need a vegan meal plan for a week, with a target of


"Could you suggest a paleo diet plan for a week?"


"I am looking for a meal plan for the day that excludes dairy products."


"Provide a daily meal plan for a primal diet with


"Can you generate a low fodmap diet plan for a week?"


"I need a weekly meal plan that excludes gluten and is around


"Provide a meal plan for a day that is pescetarian and excludes eggs."


"I need a meal plan for a week that follows the whole


"Could you generate a one day meal plan with a target of

Description for AI

What Meal Planner Does

"Meal Planner" is an innovative tool crafted to generate personalized meal plans that cater to individual dietary goals, preferences, and restrictions. By integrating a vast database of diverse meals, it offers users a curated selection of dishes that align with their caloric targets, specific diets, and even ingredients they wish to exclude. Whether you're aiming for a balanced day or a nutritious week, "Meal Planner" ensures you're equipped with a variety of meals to keep your diet exciting and fulfilling.

Expected Flow

  1. Initialization: Users input their preferences by selecting a time_frame (either day or week), setting a target_calories for daily intake, choosing a specific diet (options ranging from gluten free to whole30), and listing any ingredients or allergens in exclude (e.g., shellfish).
  2. Query Execution: Based on the user's input, the system processes the request to fetch the most suitable meal options.
  3. Result Processing: "Meal Planner" returns a curated list of meals, detailing essential aspects such as the meal title, preparation time, servings, and a direct link to the recipe.
  4. Output Delivery: Users receive a comprehensive meal plan, tailored to their preferences, complete with a nutritional breakdown for each meal.

Additional Helpful Information

"Meal Planner" is not just another meal planning tool. It's a dietary guide that recognizes the nuances of individual food choices, the thrill of exploring varied meals, and the importance of maintaining a balanced diet. With its vast customization capabilities, users can craft meal plans that resonate with their taste buds and health goals. Whether you're a health enthusiast or someone looking to diversify their diet, "Meal Planner" is the ultimate solution for all your meal planning aspirations.

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