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Maps is a pioneering app designed to transform the conventional means of navigation and mapping. The tool cleverly utilizes latitude and longitude coordinates to generate detailed maps adorned with a marker indicating the precise location. This progressive tool ingeniously simplifies the process, all without compromising on the accuracy of the location data. Users just need to input the coordinates, in a simple 'latitude, longitude' format, and the app does the rest. For example, appending the URL with /?latlng=12.34567,-23.45678 would achieve the desired results. Powered by this innovative feature, Maps offers an enhanced user-experience, deftly navigating through geographical complexities with ease and precision. Yet, it maintains an unbiased neutrality, focusing on providing high-quality, objective data to satisfy the diverse needs of its users. The Maps app is not just another mapping service, but a game-changer in the digital cartography space, offering a unique blend of simplicity and precision.




Example Prompts


Show me a map with coordinates


Can you generate a map for the coordinates -


I need a map of


Please generate a map for the location with latitude and longitude


Can you show me a map with a marker on


How does the location


Can you create a map for the coordinates -


Can I get a map of


I want to see a map for the coordinates


Please display a map of

Description for AI

A Maps app that takes latitude and longitude coordinates and generates a map with a marker on the given spot. Provide the coordinates and the app will generate a map. Coordinates are in the format of latitude and longitude, separated by a comma. Example format /?latlng=lat,lng - e.g. /?latlng=12.34567,-23.45678.

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