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Make A Sheet is a dynamic digital apparatus specifically designed to streamline the generation of CSV files, effectively eliminating the traditionally tedious, time-consuming task. Marrying simplicity with utility, Make A Sheet requires nothing more than your input of an array of arrays – a smart means of presenting your data – which it then deftly transforms into an import-ready CSV file. Prior to the final transmutation, Make A Sheet offers a unique, user-friendly function: a review within a Markdown table. This digital crystal ball allows you to preview the structure of your data in its finalized form, offering you the opportunity to fine-tune, modify, or approve as you see fit. Once you're content with your data's structure, the tool swings into action, generating the CSV file and offering a download link. This data-driven tool offers a balance of effectiveness and efficiency, allowing you to generate as many versions of your CSV files as necessary until you're completely satisfied. A word of caution – the data you’ll see during the review phase is merely a structural skeleton for review purposes. It’s only on your green light that Make A Sheet will chisel your array of arrays into its final form.




Example Prompts


Create a CSV file from this data: [["Name", "Age", "City"], ["John",


Generate a CSV with the following values: [["Product", "Price", "Quantity"], ["Laptop",


I want a CSV file with these rows: [["Task", "Priority", "Deadline"], ["Buy groceries", "High", "

Description for AI

This tool generates CSV files. Supply this tool an array of arrays, which will then be converted into a CSV file and hosted publicly.

You should present a few rows of realistic data in a Markdown table format to the user for review the structure, and ask if the user wants any changes, or if you can proceed. If the user wants any changes, you can modify the data accordingly. Once the user is satisfied, then and only then send the final array of arrays to the tool.

The tool will then generate the file and provide a new download link. Remember to inform the user that the data shown in the table is only the structure and you will generate the final CSV file when the user confirms the structure.

If the user requests further modifications to the data, you can make the changes and have the tool generate a new file.

It would be a good idea to provide some realistic data to the user.

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