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Local by GoodCall is an innovative tool designed to help users explore and support their local businesses such as restaurants, shops, and various services. This digital platform, with its engaging combination of emojis to denote different categories, enables users to discover hidden gems in their vicinity, thereby fostering a sense of community and promoting local economy. What sets Local by GoodCall apart is the fact that it's not just a directory of local businesses, but a tool that actively encourages patronage of these enterprises. In addition to providing detailed information about each business, it also features user reviews and ratings, thereby enabling users to make informed decisions. The tool also offers a unique feature of alerting users about new businesses in their area, ensuring they're always in the know about the latest local offerings. The platform's user-friendly interface, extensive database, and community-focused approach make it a standout in the realm of local business discovery platforms.




Example Prompts


Find me the best Italian restaurants nearby.


Show me the top


What are some highly rated cafes within a


Search for vegan restaurants in San Francisco.


Can you find me a list of cheap pizza places in Chicago?


Look for the nearest coffee shops with good reviews.


Are there any popular Thai restaurants in the area?


Find me some Mexican food places open now.


Show me the top-rated Indian restaurants in Los Angeles.


Can you give me a list of bakeries in Boston?

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Discover and support restaurants, shops & services near you. 🍽️ 🛍️ 🔧

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