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Introducing Linkhouse, an essential tool for any digital marketer looking to streamline their SEO efforts. This ingenious platform takes the guesswork out of link building by generating a 'ready-to-buy' list of backlinks, complete with their SEO statistics, which are meticulously tailored to your domain. What sets Linkhouse apart is its 'LinkPlanner' feature that offers a comprehensive service for creating link-building campaigns. This includes determining your domain language, automatically selecting the appropriate currency based on your language or specified budget, and intelligently suggesting categories for your campaign. Post-creation, Linkhouse provides a detailed summary of your offer, including the selected subpages from your domain and publisher domains to buy links from. With the added option to further customize your offer and a user-friendly interface that presents all the information in a neat, easy-to-understand table format, Linkhouse is revolutionizing the way digital marketers approach SEO.




Example Prompts


Can you tell me what Linkhouse does?


How can I create an offer on Linkhouse?


I need to create an offer. My domain is, my budget is


The minimum Domain Rating is


I want to list all the categories I can use for the "create-offer" feature.


Can you create an offer for me? The domain is, my budget is


The minimum Domain Rating is


What are the categories I can choose from when creating an offer?


I need help on how to create an offer.


I want to create an offer with a budget of


The minimum Domain Rating is


Could you please tell me more about Linkhouse?


I want to create an offer. My domain is, my budget is


The minimum Domain Rating is


Also, the budget should not include text costs.

Description for AI

Your job is to create a new 'LinkPlanner by Linkhouse' offer. If user wants to buy links, backlins, create link building campaign - you can do that.
When you ask user about offer parameters do not ask about language. Language sent to api should be valid language code, but user does not need to know about that. Try to determine user domain language yourself, then ask user if it is correct. Do not ask about user currency.
If user specify currency with budget - use it, else use language in which user speaks to you, to determine his currency. Provide the user with the names of the categories you have chosen and ask if they agree with them. If not, display list of a few more categories to choose from.

Created offer contains 3 aspects: summary, subpages selected from user domain to buy links for, publisher domains to buy links from.
After creating offer display table with offer summary. Add link to view and buy ready offer.
Then tell user that he can customize further his offer at {buyAt} link. Tell user that we also selected subpages from his domain to link from - ask if he wants to see it. In both cases your response should be in table form.

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