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KonnectzIT is a pioneering application that seamlessly unifies and automates various digital platforms ranging from marketing, CRM, to payment applications. Leveraging the power of Konnectzit API, it has the ability to fetch and post data, offering users a centralized hub for managing diverse digital tools. It effortlessly fetches information about apps, their respective events, accounts, configurations, and even conducts tests and review operations. This tool's unique features and benefits extend beyond its capacity to streamline disparate applications, but also to its ability to drive efficiency and productivity. By integrating disparate digital tools into a single, user-friendly platform, KonnectzIT offers a streamlined, efficient, and highly effective solution for managing and optimizing digital operations.




Example Prompts


Can you fetch the details of an application using its name?


How can I retrieve configuration details for a specific app and event ID?


What is the process for fetching a list of configurations and selecting one to save for further processing?


How do I fetch custom fields for a specific app and event ID?


What is the process for fetching additional fields and saving them for further processing?


How do I set the type of configuration (static or dynamic) for a specific config ID?


Can you guide me through the test and review process for an app configuration?


How do I publish a konnect using its ID and name?


Can you help me trigger a konnect using its name and ID or MiniApp name and mandate fields?


How do I fetch existing konnectz based on a search query or default set?

Description for AI

This application interacts with the Konnectzit API to fetch and post data. It can fetch apps, app events, accounts, configurations, and can also perform test and review operations.

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