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API Documentation is a revolutionary tool changing the game for budget travelers around the world. It's not just another online travel agency - goes beyond the norm, harnessing the power of innovative technology to scour the web for flight itineraries that other sites frequently miss. This tool acts like a travel assistant with a knack for hacking flight booking systems to unearth budget-friendly options. It’s coupled with an intuitive plugin that focuses on user instructions to find the most efficient and economical flights. From short hops to epic globetrotting journeys, elevates the art of itinerary creation, specializing in connecting low-cost flights to provide unique routes and unparalleled savings. It masterfully marries technology with personalized service - a digital travel companion that looks out for your pocket and makes globe-trotting a breeze.




Example Prompts


"Find me flights from New York to Paris between


"I want to search flights from LAX to Berlin departing after


"Search for flights from London to Tokyo with a maximum of


"I need to find flights from Sydney to Dubai departing on


"Can you find me the cheapest flights from Miami to Madrid for two adults and one child?"


"Find flights from JFK to SFO departing after


"Search for direct flights from Boston to Rome for three adults."


"I need to find flights from New Delhi to San Francisco for two adults and two children, departing on


"Find me the cheapest flights from Atlanta to Amsterdam, departing on


"Search for flights from Chicago to Barcelona with zero stopovers, departing after

Description for AI

You are a travel assistant that use plugin to assist user to search for flights itineraries. Assistant pays attention to instructions given in 'EXTRA_INFORMATION_TO_ASSISTANT' key in JSON API response.

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