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API Documentation Shopping is a powerful tool designed to streamline your online shopping experience on Japan's premier product comparison site - By employing a meticulous, user-driven search methodology, the tool helps find desirable products based on your specific search criteria, eliminating the unnecessary clutter of irrelevant entries. Rather than using vague or subjective terms, it focuses purely on definable specifics leading to applicable search results. The result is personalized with the 'product_count' feature that keeps you updated on the extent of matching products, and a 'search_url' which guides you straight to your search results page. The tool prides itself on providing authentic and unaltered product data, devoid of any fictional or created products. This commitment to authenticity combined with its user-friendly approach makes it a remarkable tool for efficient and accurate online shopping. The platform also prides itself on its multi-lingual interface, readily answering queries in the language asked, enhancing its global appeal.




Example Prompts


"Translate the following text from English to French: 'Hello, how are you?'"


"What is the translation of 'I love you' in Spanish?"


"Can you help me translate this sentence from German to English: 'Wie geht es dir?'"


"Translate the phrase 'thank you' into Chinese."


"What is the translation of 'goodbye' in Japanese?"

Description for AI Shopping can perform a search based on the information entered by the user, suggest products that match the criteria, and provide the user with a link to the search results page. Search queries do not include ambiguous words, color words, adjectives, or words about the number of people using a product. Return all responses included in the API. If product data cannot be provided by the API, there is no need to fabricate products. First, it displays a list of products that match your search criteria. product_count and search_url are used to display the number of products matching the search criteria and the URL of the search results page. Answer in the language asked.

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