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The "Jot it down" tool offers an effective solution for individuals seeking to capture and manage vital details from digital conversations. With this tool, users can create 'jots', akin to digital post-it notes, providing an efficient way to recall specific information from prior discussions. The tool's interactive capabilities allow users to add, remove, or fetch these 'jots,' serving as a versatile memory tool for digital conversations. Not limited to just recalling jots, the tool offers an opportunity to answer any queries related to its 'jots' plugin. Its unique feature of rendering insights on 'jots' over time provides valuable data on the utilization and efficiency of this tool. With Jot it down, managing and remembering those crucial details just got simpler.




Example Prompts


What are some example prompts for this plugin?


Can you provide me with a few prompts that work with this plugin?


I'm not sure how to use this plugin. Can you give me some example prompts?


Could you show me how to format the prompts for this plugin?


I'd like to see a few sample prompts for this plugin, please.

Description for AI

Manage memories or 'jots'; add, remove or remember (e.g. recall or fetch) jots; answer any questions about the jots plugin; display insights on jots over time. Jots are like post-it notes about a conversation.

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