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The job search tool delivers a comprehensive employment search service specifically tailored towards the bustling Swiss job market. As an innovative extension of the website, the plugin has been designed to efficiently collate and index over 100,000 job openings from various industries across Switzerland. Flexible and user-friendly, the tool enables job-seekers to perform detailed keyword and location-specific queries, opening the door to a wide array of potential career opportunities. It’s not just about the job listings though; the tool provides access to pertinent job details, giving applicants a composite view of the role in question. In a marketplace where employment opportunities are rich, this plugin is a critical resource for anyone looking to launch or develop their professional life in Switzerland. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned job-seeker, the job search tool offers an unparalleled invitation to explore the Swiss job market at your own pace.




Example Prompts


Find me jobs related to software engineering


Search for nursing jobs in the healthcare sector


Look for marketing positions available


Show me job openings for graphic designers


Search for jobs in the finance industry


I need to find jobs for project managers


Can you help me find jobs in the hospitality sector?


Look for available positions in human resources


Find me some jobs related to data analysis


Search for job opportunities in the construction field

Description for AI jobsearch plugin allows the users to search and list all jobs from switzerland by using keyword and location queries. Then get some details for the job of their choice.

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