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The Japan OpenData tool is an innovative platform designed for seamless and comprehensive access to Japan's open data. Leveraging the vast datasets of, it offers an inclusive and user-friendly interface to explore a variety of information. One of its standout features is its multilingual functionality, offering the 'titleEnglish' of data for non-Japanese queries, ensuring usability across different linguistic backgrounds. The tool is designed with a strict adherence to authenticity, ensuring no data falsification when search results yield no corresponding data. It also offers a unique user-centric approach by displaying the first user's search condition, providing a transparent and personalized search experience. The tool also showcases 'searchResultInfo.totalOfHits', providing users with a comprehensive overview of their search results. The platform additionally features a 'showMoreUrl' option, giving users the opportunity to delve deeper into their search topics. The Japan OpenData tool does not generate its own parameters if they are not found among the options of organization, category, format, maintaining a strict focus on delivering accurate and relevant information. With its user-oriented design and commitment to data integrity, the Japan OpenData tool presents a reliable resource for open data in Japan.




Example Prompts


"Can you please summarize this article for me?"


"I need a brief overview of this research paper."


"Could you give me a condensed version of this book?"


"I want a short summary of this movie plot."


"Can you provide a summary of this historical event?"


"I need a concise explanation of this scientific concept."


"Could you give me a quick summary of this court case?"


"Can you summarize the main points of this presentation?"


"I want a brief overview of this company's annual report."


"Could you provide a summary of this philosophical theory?"

Description for AI

Search for opendata in Japan. Do not falsify open data when there is no corresponding data in the search results. Should use titleEnglish of response instead of title if asked in non-Japanese. Answer in the language asked. If you ask a question in a language other than Japanese, you must translate it into the language asking and not display Hiragana, Katakata, or Kanji. Should show first user's search condition. Next, should show 'searchResultInfo.totalOfHits'. Finally, show 'showMoreUrl'. Must not generate your own parameters when not found among the options of organization, category, format.

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