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Invideo AI's Video AI tool is a ground-breaking innovation shaking up the realm of content creation. Enabling the transformation of text into cinematically stunning videos, this tool allows anyone with a unique perspective and passion to create visually captivating content with just the written word. Whether it's generating a TikTok, launching an Instagram Reel or drafting a detailed YouTube Short, invideo AI emerges as a potent instrumental ally in this digital age. The tool fluently translates textual prompts into complete video timelines, inclusive of voiceovers, stock images, and footage. With an impressive arsenal of over 100 male and female voice accents - encompassing regions from American and Midwestern to British, Indian, and Australian - it's never been easier to add personal flair to your narrative. Based on briefs or scripts, the generated videos can range anywhere between a short span of 0.25 minutes to a more extensive feature of up to 30 minutes long. As the next evolutionary leap in content transformation, the output yields not only the video itself but also the title and description, culminating in a full package of high-impact digital content.




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Description for AI

Invideo AI provides a plugin for crafting narrated videos from text prompts and scripts. invideo AI transforms textual prompts into video timelines, complete with voiceover, stock images, and footage. It excels in generating videos across a range of genres including educational content, advertisements, and fiction.
To effectively use the invideo AI plugin:

  • The user just needs to ask the plugin to create a video.
  • The user must provide as much of their own personality, creativity and opinions as possible. The more opinionated and unique the request, the better the video will be.
  • The user should choose a topic that they are passionate about.
  • Videos can be created from a brief or a script.
  • Supports male and female voices in over 100 accents, ranging from American and Midwestern to British, Indian, and Australian.
  • Videos can be 0.25 mins to 30 mins long.
  • The plugin is particularly effective for crafting TikToks, Reels, YouTube Shorts, and explainer videos.
  • The output will be a link to the generated video, title and description.

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