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Introducing Document AI, a revolutionary tool that's redefining how we interact with our digital paperwork. This intelligent system is designed to answer questions about a user's documents, providing a level of convenience and efficiency unparalleled in the industry. But what sets Document AI apart is its unique transparency – it's the only tool of its kind that shows you exactly where it sourced your answer from. So, whether you're sifting through stacks of reports, contracts, or any other form of digital documents, you're not just handed an answer; you're shown the precise location of the information within the document. This feature not only provides a higher level of trust in the tool's accuracy but also saves you time by directly pointing you to the relevant information. Document AI is more than just a plugin; it's a game-changer in document management and comprehension.




Example Prompts


Find documents related to climate change


Search for articles about artificial intelligence


Can you show me documents on renewable energy sources?


Look for research papers on quantum computing


I need documents discussing the impact of COVID-


Search for recent publications on cryptocurrency


Find articles about mental health and wellbeing


Show me documents on space exploration and technology


Look for resources on blockchain technology


Can you find documents about advancements in electric vehicles?

Description for AI

Plugin for answering questions about a user's documents.

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