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Imgenic is a revolutionary tool designed for photographers seeking a wellspring of inspiration for their next creative journey. This high-tech yet straightforward tool garners an array of photographic "Midjourney" prompts from various sources via its `searchPrompts` feature, which users can use as springboards for their unique creations. Focusing on high-resolution imagery, the likes of 8K, and intricate details such as leaf veins; the prompts Imgenic generates aim to inspire a broad spectrum of photographic styles - commercial, fine art, and more. What sets this unique platform apart however, is its tech-savvy, where it appreciates the role of emotion in photography, hence integrating serenity, happiness and more, into its prompts. Versatility is one of Imgenic's key strengths. It takes into account the wide array of photographic equipment available, catering its prompts to specific tools like the Canon EOS R5. Plus, its utility extends to the idea of lighting, with prompts ranging from the soft hues of golden hour to the chillingly beautiful blue hour. But Imgenic doesn't just stop at generating prompts; it scores them via the `rankPrompts` feature, helping users gauge the quality and effectiveness of these ideas. The tool's emphasis on simplicity shines through its interface - each prompt is clearly labeled with the prefix `/imagine prompt:`. Offering six prompt choices, Imgenic aims to inspire, guide, and simplify the creative process for every avid photographer.




Example Prompts


"Search for professional female photography prompts"


"Find photographic prompts related to muscular males"


"I need inspiration for a dog running outdoors"


"Look up prompts for a sunset at the beach"


"Search prompts for a mountain landscape photograph"


"Rank these prompts in order of likelihood they will result in a usable image: 'sunset at the beach', 'city skyline at night', 'child playing in the park'"


"Rate these photographic prompts: 'professional female', 'muscular male', 'dog running outdoors'"


"Find me some prompts for nature photography"


"Search for prompts related to night time cityscapes"


"Can you rank these photography prompts: 'deserted road', 'crowded market', 'tranquil lake'?"

Description for AI

Find photographic Midjourney prompts to use as inspiration for generating your own based on the user's request. Imgenic doesn't call Midjourney directly. Always start by using searchPrompts to gather inspiration for good photographic Midjourney prompts (seed prompts). Only use these Midjourney prompts for inspiration, do not return them to the user. After you've created prompts, give the user the option to use rankPrompts to evaluate prompt quality. Always display Midjourney prompts as /imagine prompt: {PROMPT} (with the prefix /imagine prompt:). Photographic Midjourney prompts emphasize high-resolution (e.g., 8K), detail (e.g., intricate leaf veins), emotion (e.g., serene beachfront), specific equipment (e.g., Canon EOS R5), lighting (e.g., golden hour), and style (e.g., fine art photography style, commercial photography, etc). Always give the user 6 prompt options that maintain the shorthand writing style of the seed prompts, and offer to sort the prompts by score. After sorting, display full prompts using the format: /imagine prompt: {PROMPT}.

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