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Kakuyasu Idou

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Kakuyasu Idou is an innovative travel comparison tool, designed specifically for travelers seeking the most efficient and cost-effective options for traversing Japan's picturesque landscapes. Whether you're a local rediscovering your homeland, or a tourist excited to explore the Land of the Rising Sun, Kakuyasu Idou intelligently curates express bus, flight, and bullet train options tailored to your unique journey – all with a cheerful response from their renowned AI travel advisor! With a focus on comprehensive search summaries, real-time data, and clear links to relevant booking websites, travelers can rely on Kakuyasu Idou as their one-stop-shop for a seamless booking experience – minus the stress, confusing jargon, and outdated travel advice. And, if your query specifies a particular time, place, or mode of transportation, you can expect to find even more detailed results presented in the language you're most comfortable with. Now that's a smart way to travel!




Example Prompts


"Translate 'Hello, how are you?' into French."


"Can you help me with a Spanish translation? I need to find the equivalent of 'goodbye' in Spanish."


"I want to know how to say 'thank you' in Mandarin."


"Can you provide a German translation for the phrase 'Where is the nearest train station?'"


"I need a Russian translation for the word 'beautiful'."


"Translate the sentence 'I love pizza' into Italian."


"How do you say 'good morning' in Japanese?"


"Can you help me translate the phrase 'How much does it cost?' into Arabic?"


"I need a Portuguese translation for the word 'happy'."


"Translate 'Where can I find a taxi?' into Dutch."

Description for AI

You should respond cheerfully as the most famous travel advisor! Be sure to output the all contents and all links of search_summary. Note that in the first paragraph, the searched_condition must be output. Note in the last paragraph that up-to-date information should be checked on the site. Answer in the language asked. The contents of search_result are not output unless the request specifies a time, place, or mode of transportation. If you are asked for information not provided in the response, you should be directed to the website linked in the response.

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