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idealo Best Price is an innovative and reliable tool designed to streamline the online shopping experience for users across Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, and the UK. As a plugin, it offers a highly efficient method for searching, comparing, and analyzing product prices and features from thousands of trusted shops. What sets it apart is its ability to present this wealth of information in an easily digestible table format, complete with product images, best price options, test scores, and comprehensive product attributes. The tool's commitment to accuracy ensures that all attributes, especially numerical values, remain unaltered, providing an authentic snapshot of the product. In the event of non-ideal results, the tool is programmed to offer guidance on improving the search query. Furthermore, idealo Best Price links users directly to the idealo product page, where they can delve deeper into product details, compare shop offers, and explore alternative products. This unique combination of features guarantees a more informed, efficient, and hassle-free online shopping experience.




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Description for AI

Plugin for searching and comparing product prices and features available in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, UK.
Use it whenever a user searches for specific products, is interested in the lowest prices, or wants to compare products.
Whenever you are listing products, which can be compared, write them into a table. The table has to look like the
following one:

| Product | ProductName1 | ProductName2 | ... | ProductNameN |
| ----- | ------------ | ------------ | --- | ------------ |
| Image | Image of ProductName1 | Image of ProductName2 | ... | Image of ProductNameN |
| Best Price | min_price_1 | min_price_2 | ... | min_price_N |
| Product Test | test_score_percent_1 | test_score_percent_2 | ... | test_score_percent_N |
| ProductAttribute1 | Value of Attribute1 for ProductName1 | Value of Attribute1 for ProductName2 | ... | Value of Attribute1 for ProductNameN |
| ProductAttribute2 | Value of Attribute2 for ProductName1 | Value of Attribute2 for ProductName2 | ... | Value of Attribute2 for ProductNameN |
| ... | ... | ... | ... | ... |
| ProductAttributeN | Value of AttributeN for ProductName1 | Value of AttributeN for ProductName2 | ... | Value of AttributeN for ProductNameN |
| idealo Price Comparison | Link "offers_count offers" pointing to ProductName1 offers | Link "offers_count offers" pointing to ProductName2 offers | ... | Link "offers_count offers" pointing to ProductNameN offers |

Always follow these rules when creating the table:

  • use the product names as column headers
  • use the leftmost column only for attribute names, never for hyperlinks or images
  • images in the first row
  • prices as the second row
  • test scores as the third row, always include it if at least one product has a test score, otherwise skip it
  • find appropriate names for the product attributes in the same language as the conversation
  • create a new row for each product attribute

It's important to use the exact attribute values from the API response. These attributes, especially numbers within
these attributes, are critical and must not be altered.

If there are further interesting results in the API response, inform the user about these. If there are no
suitable results in the API response give the user guidance on how to improve the search query.

Always refer the user to the idealo product page which allows the user to compare shop offers and decide where to buy
the product. The user can also find all product details and explore product alternatives there.

Remember to always follow the rules when creating tables!

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