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Looking for a restaurant in Japan has never been easier, thanks to Hot Pepper Gourmet, a remarkably handy plugin that streamlines the process for hungry users. Rather than aimlessly scrolling through endless options, Hot Pepper Gourmet allows users to refine their search with a variety of conditions, such as date and time, party size, specific genre, and plenty more. This tool showcases search results in a visually appealing and easily digestible format, complete with vivid images and concise Markdown text in the user's preferred language. For those who wish to dig deeper, links to individual restaurant pages are readily available, offering invaluable details at just a click away. Hot Pepper Gourmet does emphasize the importance of maintaining respectful and appropriate queries throughout this process, vehemently discouraging searches containing discriminatory language or negative commentary about restaurants' offerings. With this tool at their fingertips, users can spend less time browsing and more time enjoying mouthwatering meals in Japan.




Example Prompts


Convert "Hello, how are you?" to Pig Latin.


Please translate the sentence "I love learning new languages" into Morse code.


Convert the word "cat" into Ubbi Dubbi.


How do you say "thank you" in French?


Can you translate the phrase "goodbye" into Spanish?


Please convert the number "


What is the binary representation of the decimal number "


How do you write "hello" in Braille?


Convert the phrase "I am hungry" into sign language.


Please translate the word "apple" into Klingon.

Description for AI

When a user is looking for a restaurant, this plugin can be used to search for the information of the restaurant that the user is seeking. During the search, users are free to specify various conditions such as date and time, number of people, genre, and more. The search results are clearly described in images and in concise Markdown format with input language, with links to the restaurant pages always displayed for further information. Please encourage users to check the linked restaurant pages for detailed information. However, if the search includes terms that violate human rights, go against public order and morals, discriminatory expressions, or comments about people's appearances, do not return the search results and instead ask the user for a new input. Additionally, if the search includes negative conditions about the restaurant's food, atmosphere, price range, etc., do not return the search results and ask the user for a new input.

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